My Client Testimonials

My Client Testimonials

"Leah Holbrook is amazing! She is prompt, knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Couldn't have asked for a better agent."

"Leah was very knowledgable about all sorts of local amenities, from hair dressers, cleaners, gardeners etc. Great agent and valuable resource! " -Ruthann Sutton

"Leah does an outstanding job. She really listens to what you say about your needs. I had specific requirements for my sewing hobby space. When giving her a list of places of interest she would tell you upfront why that might now work so you could decide to go see it or not which helps save time not looking at something that will not work out. Many great suggestions of places as well." -NA

"Leah always took the time to take my calls and answer all my questions. She checked in regularly and kept me up to date on all the details. Leah is a gem!" - Susan Ward

"Leah Holbrook deserves a raise!!!" - Mai David Nguyen

"Leah Holbrook was very professional and helpful. Best agent ever!!!"

"We loved working with Leah, she was easy to communicate with. When little things popped up she knew what to do next and was always willing to answer out questions day or night." 

"Leah was great to work with. She knew the market and helped us over a month of looking at houses. We moved from Seattle, so phone and email communication was key, and Leah was on it! Leah helped us get an amazing house that we are very happy with." - Jason Froula

"Leah was great at holding my hand through this buying process. She answered all telephone and text questions promptly." - Jill Scott

"Leah was highly recommended to me because of her professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market. She did not disappoint! Thank you, Leah!" - Wendy Frenet-Healea

"Leah made magic happen. It is a pleasure working with someone who is so good at what they do! Thank you." - Susan Carter

"Highly recommend Leah as a chosen agent. Very professional, knowledgeable, and "fun" as well! A joy to work with!" - Judy and Corky Lewis

"Use Leah - she handles all the details and has great tips for homes to make the best showings - sold one house in four days and another a day after the sign went up. She is top notch!" - Lisa Shields

"Leah was an absolute joy to work with and smoothed out all the stresses involved in purchasing our home." - Shelley Schut

"I definitely will recommend Leah to my friends that may need the help of a realtor." - Dwain Schrank

"Leah was amazing! Leah provided us with resources, how to's, and all documents we requested without delay. I will recommend her to anyone I hear is in the market for a new home or wanting to sell." - Carmen and Annie Hernandez

"Leah was wonderful. She was great for my first home buying experience. She answered all my questions, allayed all my concerns and was very patient throughout. Besides being my agent, she is now a friend." - Meghan McCalla

"Leah and Felip are a great team. They are knowledgeable, experienced and fun to work with! " - Jim & Sally Fitch

"Leah was awesome! She had paperwork on time and was constantly updating us every step of the way." - Jason and Whitney Hendrickson

"Leah Holbrook was a pleasure to meet and to work with. We will definitely refer family and friends to her." - Pam Loofburrow

"Leah was a great help in selling our home and advising on our new home. We were lucky to have selected her to help us." - Jay and Kathy Dyblie

"Leah was fantastic. She was honest, supportive, kind, knowledgeable and quick to respond. Selling my condo would have been a nightmare without her and the property might still be on the market without her expert advice and professionalism." - Jodi Hufendick

"Leah showed us a wide variety of homes in order to determine our wants and needs. She helped is find the home to best fit our family. She really listened to us and took time to get to know us and our boys. We were new to Yakima and she described the pros and cons of the parts of town beautifully. We're almost sad the process is over and we don't get to see her each week!" - Joel and Becca Mailand

"Leah Holbrook is amazing! She is prompt, knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Couldn't have asked for a better agent." - Emily Welsch

"Leah was amazing! We lived in the United Kingdom at the time of our sell. There was immediate response to all our questions and concerns. We are 100% satisfied with Leah. Thank You, Leah! You rock!" - Joe and Liz Dufault

"Leah was so knowledgeable, friendly & supportive through to process. I trusted her completely and was very satisfied with her abilities to sell both my houses!" - Mary Camden

"Leah is very clearly an expert. She was very patient with us first time homebuyers and we felt as much of a priority to her as her more lucrative clients.
" - Alex Messner

"Amazing, intelligent, "photo talented" realtor. Simply the best!" - Andy & Diane Patterson

"When it comes to Leah don't even hesitate to use her. I had an absolutely brilliant experience and I'd use her again in a heartbeat." - Darcy Andrews

"Recommending Leah is a pleasure for us. She went beyond what we expected." - Barbara & Ed King

"Leah is reasuring, collected and very knowledgeable - a class act." - The McKinneys

"Just call Leah!!! Very professional, and fun to work with." - Robin

"Leah is a joy to work with. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and gets the job done!" - C. and J. Gilbert

"Leah is awesome! The entire experience was low stress, efficient and fun!!" - Kay MacKenzie

"As a fellow realtor, my expectations were perhaps higher than some. Leah met or exceeded my expectations. Her great personality made the home-buying process fun! Great realtor in all respects." - Joyce Dickson

"Should be Realtor of the Year!!! She was a number one through my whole situation. Could not give her enough praise." - Sharon Smith

"Leah is a dedicated realtor, with an extensive knowledge of real estate and marketing techniques. She is experienced in helping and guiding you through the process of selling or buying a home. She is patient, kind, knowledgeable, professional, and cares about her clients. If Leah can't find what you want, I'm convinced it doesn't exist." - Betti Jo Picatti Smith

"Leah Holbrook was terrific! She was knowledgeable, competent and action oriented. She had an open house every weekend for a month! From my first call to her and closing date was about 9 weeks - wild in an economy that's down! Leah went out of her way to communitcate on a regular basis and keep me informed. She was just outstanding. Many thanks!"

"Leah and I looked at homes for five years. During these years, I came to admire her truth, honesty and integrity." - Vickie Olsen

"I almost need to move to Yakima just so I can use her again. My agent was Leah Holbrook who sold my house in eleven hours - what can I say. She was professional, informative, communicative, and knowledgeable. I was overwhelmed with her devotion to my home. This agent was awesome!!!"

"If you are serious in purchasing a property, make contact with Leah. She is professional and very knowledgeable in accommodating and responding to the needs of her clients. In some cases, time is of the essence and she is prompt and diligent in her follow through." - Silvia & Willie Negrete

"Very professional. Hard Working! Communicates well, stays on task. Positive, really promoted our property! Leah has become our great friend! Love the girl!" - Butch & Robin Schlagel

"A fantastic experience. Leah's research allowed the house to be appropriately priced which led to a full price offer on the 2nd day of posting. Perfect pricing, timing, and a 4 week closing. Amazing! Thanks Leah!" - S. Soos

"We moved to Yakima in 1982 with the help of JoAnn Almon. LEAH has proven to be the quality realtor we expected from Almon/Prudential. JoAnn was one of the best ever and Leah is one of the best ever!" - Thomas Mackey

"Leah was very professional and friendly. Our experience was very positive with Leah. Our house listed and got an offer the next day!" - Kathy Smith

"Leah was the only reason we were able to acquire our first home. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and constant communication was outstanding throughout the entire process. I'll recommend her to everyone." - Kelly Suko

"Leah did a fantastic job! We'll highly recommend her is the future." - Ian G.